Feeling Blue

I’m craving a trip to the Carribean right now, but I am coming to terms with the fact that it is just not going to happen!  So instead, I’m cheering myself up with the beautiful blues of the Carribean Ocean.  I decorated my bedroom in dark & light blues and it’s totally relaxing.  I’ve found so many wallpaper patterns, linens, rugs, vases, candles, tiles and pillows in various shades of aquas and indigos and they all look great together.  Check out some of my favorites here….

These quilts and placemats can be found at one of my favorite stores, Roberta Roller Rabbit:

These beautiful wallpaper prints are available at Designers Guild:

I’m a little obsessed with Mexican tiles….and Milagros has some really beautiful, affordable handmade tiles:

Photo of an antique pitcher in my bedroom that I found at a flea market.  And you can see the sky blue wall on one side and the damask blue printed wallpaper that is from Designers Guild on the other:

Where I would rather be right now (sigh):



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Spring can not come quickly enough!  But, having these little birdies add a touch of nature to my home is really helping with the winter blahs.

My favorite new accent table is from Pier One.  It’s base is brass and consists of little birds perched on branches and leaves. It’s nature inspired design is a nod to the 1920’s Art Nouveau style.  Pier one is now offering the same design in a console table as well.

Some other items that will leave you craving spring include this decorative bird pillow from Paul Smith.  It was featured in Harper’s Bazaar as one of the best luxury gifts this holiday season and I couldn’t agree more.   Paul Smith for the Rug Company pillow, $450. 800-644-3963

I love some of the more graphic bird pillows from designers like Jonathan Adler and Joom as well:

You could also try a custom made linocut print made in any color on any paper you want.  These are by Bird Nerd and are for sale on Etsy.com.

Other random items I’ve come across that I think are really cute are this little silver bird figurine, porcelain bird bowl and birdie print hand towel.  You can find these items or items like it at ABC Home and Anthropologie.

Last, but not least, jewelry designer Jill Schwartz has been incorporating birds into her designs for years.  These two necklaces are just an example of her work.  You can find her rings, earrings, necklaces, photo albums, picture frames and paper weights in boutiques all across the country and on her website.


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Knit Wit

Did any of you receive sweaters for Christmas this year from your mother, grandmother or mother-in-law and the only thing that crossed your mind when you opened the box was “What were you thinking?” or “Do you know me at all?”

Well, don’t despair – the sweater doesn’t have to be a total waste.   Send your sweater to REKNIT where someone else’s mother will unravel the yarn and knit you up a beautiful new scarf!  You can choose from solids or stripes.  And if your sweater was only one color to begin with (unlikely), she will choose a coordinating color to match your scarf.

Don’t need a new scarf?  Take a poll which will help determine what your new favorite mom will reknit next month…..could be socks, cut-off gloves or an ipod case….you never know.

That ugly sweater could turn into the best gift you’ve ever received.


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Judging a Book by it’s Cover

I stumbled across these books of old classics and thought they were beautiful!  Coralie Bickford-Smith is a senior cover designer at Penguin Books and designed this cloth covered series.  Some of the book titles include Oliver Twist, Pride and Prejudice, The Odyssey and Little Women.  Not only are these books great to have in your collection, but they can spruce up your bookshelf or coffee table as well. If all books looked like this, I for one, would read a lot more!

If you are a do-it-yourselfer like me, you can take your own favorite books and cover them yourself.  Or buy a few classics and cover them as a gift for someone you love. Kate’s Paperie is a great source for printed and hand-made papers.  Or go to your local fabric store and find some pretty prints.  Hard cover books work best.  Don’t forget to put a little personal message inside!


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Boy Crazy

Some may call us boy crazy…they may be right.  We are not sure when it happened that we started borrowing our guys’ stuff but now that men’s fashion for women is the biggest trend, we finally feel that we can come out of their closets.  Here are some of our favorite items of his…

Maya: I wear my husband’s boxers to bed all the time .  My favorite is the Giulio Master Boxer from G Boutique in Chicago.  I wear them to bed and it drives him crazy.

Jamie: My boyfriend collects watches and he loves when I borrow them.  An oversized watch looks great on a woman’s slender wrist.  Wear his watch on its own or pair yours with his and wear two together.

Maya: I borrowed my husband’s Burberry Brit cologne once when he went out of town because I missed him.  Then I realized that I loved how it smelled on me, while at the same time reminding me of him.  Not only do I get turned on when he wears it,  but he gets turned on when I wear it too.

Jamie: I borrowed my boyfriend’s Degree Extreme Blast deodorant once.  It smelled so good that I was hooked.  He may not get turned on when I wear it, but Maya definitely does!

Maya: I love oversized white shirts, especially his.  They are very sexy to wear to bed or belted with leggings and boots. If you choose his most expensive tuxedo shirt he may get a bit upset and tear it off you…but then again, isn’t that the point?

Jamie: I love oversized hoodies, but even when I buy a women’s size large or extra-large they still aren’t long enough. So, I wear mens hoodies instead.  They look great over leggings or paired with your own short leather jacket layered over top.

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Uncommon Scents

Maya’s Pick – Back to Black Aphrodisiac By Kilian

While in Boston for work I stumbled upon the L’Ouivre Noire line of By Kilians perfumes at the boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue.  If you are like me, and want your own unique scent this line would be perfect for you.  My personal favorite is Back to Black Aphrodisiac, a seductive and sensual winter scent.  It surprises your senses as it unfolds on your skin revealing the hints of honey, tobacco, saffron, rasberry, cardamom.

Available at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations across in the U.S.,  I found mine at the By Kilian Boutique in the Saks in Copley Place, Boston.  Ask for Ellen.  She is amazing.

The By Kilian line may seem a bit pricey at $250 for a bottle.  But go back in or order a refill at half the price.

If you travel a lot, like me, you will love the travel spray which comes with 3 one oz. spray bottles for $135.

Jamie’s Pick – Pure Grace by Philosophy

Pure Grace is the perfect daytime scent.  It’s light, clean and crisp.  It reminds me of freshly washed sheets, baby powder, soap and water.  If Maya’s pick is for winter, this is definitely a summery scent.  It’s the kind of scent you can wear all day and still smell like you just stepped out of the shower.

Perfumes are very personal and smell so differently on each individual.  If you’re like me and can’t wear the heavier, muskier scents, I highly recommend Pure Grace.  It’s fresh, clean and well, pure.  Philosophy also makes a shower cream, body lotion and concentrated perfume oil in Pure Grace.  They are all available at Sephora.  Eau de Parfum Spray $50.


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Haute for Ikat

Ikat prints have been really popular over the past year (or two), but they are still being shown for this spring and summer. Everyone from DVF to Tory Burch to J.Crew is showing ikat prints in some way or another.  Whether it’s bedding, dishes, clothing or accessories, this print can really spice up an otherwise boring room or outfit.  And if you don’t love girly or flowery motifs, this print is definitely for you.  It’s not too late for you to jump in on the trend!

My fave:  I love the ikat clutches and wallets from Felix Rey.


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